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Enjoy the best places to stay in Northumberland

Nestled in the northern reaches of England is the scenic, stunning, sensory Northumberland. Every nook has something for you to explore. Whether your interests lie in history, culture, sport, or relaxation, you will find it here.

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Fortuitously, we have three exceptional cottages, each surrounded by wonder and intrigue. Choosing the one that fits your desires for a tantalizing holiday getaway is no easy feat when all three have so much to offer. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?


Nestled in beautiful Northumberland, the northern reaches of England.

Luxury holiday accommodation

Reside Along a Shore That Straddles the Line Between Awe-Inspiring History and Momentous Adventure

Between exploring the past with visits to the Historic Castles and adventuring through the now with watersports, our cottage on Amble Shores is your ideal stay. The Beaches places you within reach of everything Northumberland has to offer. It’s the perfect getaway for families and couples with varying interests as there will be no compromise when it comes to enjoyment. 

The Beaches is also an ideal location on a clear night for those who love the night sky. With views of every constellation and celestial body, this is your best place to stay in Northumberland.

Live the Coastal Life Surrounded by Lively Historic Significance

Harbour Sands is our cottage for those who want to explore a treasure trove of historic events. Treat yourself to a mix of rocky outcrops and sandy beaches while exploring all the history this lovely area has to offer. Holy Island and Lindisfarne Castle are two go-to sites for every visitor, and both are just a short drive—or a breathtaking hike—away. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, venture just a bit further and you’ll find the Bamburgh Castle and Longstone Lighthouse. 

Kayaking and cruises fill our guests with the excitement and animosity that comes with adventure in warmer months. Nature hikes up the rolling hills as well as boat trips out to the must-see Croquet Island are year-round activities people of all ages can enjoy. And for those that want a little bit of relaxation, simply relax inside our lovely Harbour Sands cottage or lay out on the dunes directly in front. 

Cozy into a Grand Home Fit for More Than a Simple Weekend Getaway

The absolutely best place to stay in Northumberland for those who are so dedicated to their vacation they want to live it, our Signal House is your solution. Large-yet-cozy on the outside, stunningly modern on the inside, this property is fit for a family of any size.

As well, it’s ideally located for you to reach no matter your method of travel. Hikes to the nearby wildlife Centre, skips down to the beach, and strolls around the castles of old are entirely possible no matter the season.

These are your top three places to stay in Northumberland, with options for singles, couples, and families of all sizes. Book your stay now and experience all this area has to offer.

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